About Mark

Hi, Mark Hendricks is my name.

Now that I'm 60 years old, I'm back to the future with my first love... Music.

I started playing trumpet in the 4th grade, and soon after found myself writing and arranging music for our elementary school band. That started it all for me, from then on I was hooked. The music, the people, the fun, the memories.

Playing in the school concert bands, marching bands and jazz bands, playing in the community symphony, and writing music for them all was a great way to spend my teen years. Then off to college at the University of South Florida, I majored in music composition, learned a lot from Jim Lewis and Larry Austin, and ended up with a Masters of Music (Composition) from there and gained a lot of conducting experience directing various ensembles of faculty and students too. Plus I played trumpet in the bands and jazz bands, and studied trumpet with a great teacher, mentor, and friend Don Owen.

After graduating in 1977, I got hired on to teach part-time there, directing the jazz bands and teaching some other music classes for a few years. All the while starting to gig more around the Tampa area playing the touring Broadway shows and big name acts that came through. After a while, I ended up playing lead trumpet for these engagements and also provided orchestra contracting and management services for many of the major performing arts halls in Florida (see a list of artists, entertainers, and shows below). The trumpet guys in the Florida Orchestra even had me playing the "extra trumpet chair" occasionally (playing the "Rite of Spring" with them was a cherished memory of those times and produced a really funny story that I still tell from time to time). And one year in the 80s (I don't remember which), I was the Jazz Ensemble Clinician/Composer/Conductor for the Florida All-State High School Jazz Ensemble (it was a really great group of young musicians!).

During those years I was also composing, conducting and arranging for a variety of clients (singers, shows, scoring video, etc.), and publishing and selling my original jazz ensemble and solo instrument music to colleges, high schools and individuals by mail all over America.

It was a great ride!

We moved to the country in 1990, got some horse farm acreage and did the pioneer family thing of building barns, fences, and everything that goes with it. Yes, they even named the little dirt road we live on Hendricks Lane (there were more horses and cows here than people, so I guess we were the default name choice LOL).

All this continued until 1993 when I decided to change directions and become a financial advisor, plus the internet was maturing and I began my new endeavors into doing business on the internet, which I still do today and love it more and more. I retired from the financial business in 2001 and by then was full time in the internet-based business of selling products and services that I produced (software, information products, business consulting, success coaching, etc.) as well as joint venturing with others to help sell their products and services too. I became well-known internationally as a pioneer of internet marketing in the early days, introducing new strategies and concepts that people still use today as common practice in their internet-based businesses. I've also been a featured speaker at various internet business conferences all over the USA and hold my own conferences related to these activities too.

In case you're wondering, everything you see on this website I created myself. The pages, the linking, the products for sale, the music books...all of it. Even the email system was developed by me and my programming teams. It's great that one person can do all of this with the technology that's available now, I absolutely love it!

So here we are today, still crazy after all these years. I've decided to get back to doing some music, playing the trumpet, producing recording sessions, writing and conducting music, being with the people I enjoy, having fun, and making some new memories too.

Update - all was going smoothly, trumpet chops back up and playing gigs in a variety of ensembles, teaching lessons via Skype and writing study books for trumpet, trombone and saxophone. Then I got the diagnosis May 2015... Mark you have tongue cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

Everything changed, as you can imagine.  Radiation and chemo didn't work... 2 different trips to Mexican cancer clinics, helped some.  Now more chemo treatment from a different USA cancer center. 

I now have a feeding tube and a trach - which leaves me without the ability to talk, or play trumpet.  Kind of hard to do those things I was really enjoying doing just a short time ago. 

So I can still write, I can still give Skype lessons and type my comments to my students.

That's where I'm at right now, not at all what I had planned for my semi-retirement, none the less I'm happy to be here doing what I can, when I can, and for who I can.

If you've known me in the past, hello again. If we're new to each other, it's great to have a new friend like you.

You ain't never had a friend like me! (watch the video)

Your biggest fan,

Mark Hendricks

From Aladdin - a Walt Disney Video production

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P.P.P.S. - Here's some of my past experience in music, you might find it interesting (or not...LOL):

I've played lead trumpet for the Florida tours of most of these, served as orchestra contractor for most of these, and served as conductor for a few of these:

Bernadette Peters
Don Rickles
Johnny Mathis
Tony Bennett
The Four Top and The Temptations
Luciano Pavarotti
Moscow Ballet
Joffrey Ballet
Mel Torme
The Mills Brothers
John Denver
Joan Rivers
Buddy Greco
Frankie Laine
Rosemary Clooney
Red Skelton
George Burns
Bob Hope
Robert Goulet
Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer-Sager
Mitzi Gaynor
Gladys Knight and the Pips

Rich Little
Milton Berle
Danny Thomas
Charlie Callas
Steve Allen
Jonathan Winters
Herb Alpert
Roger Williams
Jane Powell
Jerry Van Dyke
Fred Travalena
Cab Calloway
Norm Crosby
Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
Andy Williams
Julie Andrews
Henry Mancini
Dionne Warwick
Tommy Tune
John Denver
Bobby Vinton
And more when I can find that list!

National Touring Broadway Shows:

42nd Street with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller
La Cage aux Folle with Keene Curtis
Camelot with Richard Harris
A Chorus Line
Fiddler on the Roof with Herschel Bernardi

Nine with Sergio Franchi
Dream Girls
Hello Dolly with Carol Channing
Zorba the Greek with Anthony Quinn
Sugar Babies with Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller
And more when I can find that list!

(more to come, I've got to find that list that I used to have that had all of the stuff on it - as you can see from the above, it includes working with a very wide variety of entertainers and performers from The Four Tops and Temptations to Luciano Pavarotti and everything in between, and nearly every national touring Broadway musical you can name... and more... later.)