The Advancing Trombone Player

Advancing Trombone Player-cover-shadowThe Advancing Trombone Player

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It’s a complete step-by-step system that includes everything you need to build your embouchure, tone, technique, flexibility, tonguing, endurance, range, and musicianship. Written for those trombone players who are ready to achieve the highest levels of playing their horn.

The “ATP” system consists of four sessions per day: warm-up, tonality study, Arban’s book studies, and endurance/range/musicianship studies. This will take approximately two hours per day divided into four sessions, with breaks in between. Don’t try to play all of the assignments in one session, you really do need the rest to keep your embouchure fresh all day and ready again for the next day.

If you cannot commit to two hours per day, then go with one hour per day and play every other exercise in the lessons on day one, then on day two play the ones you skipped, on day three alternate back to the ones you played on day one, and so on back and forth throughout the week. And spend two weeks on each lesson instead of one week, or longer if needed, when using this pattern.

The Advancing Trombone Player has additional emphasis on multiple tongue articulations in the tonality studies that builds more strength, endurance, and agility all over the horn. The ATP is really designed for those who really want to step up their game and master all registers of the trombone.

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