Comments about The Advancing Trumpet Player book from Wayne Johnson

The Advancing Trumpet PlayerComments about The Advancing Trumpet Player book from Wayne Johnson

I received my ATP on Saturday and it is just what I needed!

I’m a “comeback player” with about 5 years back on the horn after 19 years off. I was doing pretty good until I had to have major dental work and I had to basically start over from scratch. I needed a structured plan that covers all aspects of playing and ATP does just that!

Thank you for writing this book, it is just what the doctor ordered!!

As an added extra to the ATP is that my family prefers it over the routine I was doing before!  My wife says it sounds more musical, like I’m prepping for a concert.

Thanks again Mark!

Wayne Johnson
Bakersfield, CA

Hi Wayne,

And thank you so much for sending in your comments about The Advancing Trumpet Player book.

Now that your experiencing it for yourself, you know the studies and routines in it will be ones that you’ll benefit from for many years to come to continually improve your all-around playing and keep you in shape too – you’ll be ready for anything they throw at you, no matter what kinds of playing situations you find yourself in. Glad to hear your wife likes the new you too!

And if you’ve been thinking about getting your own copy of The Advancing Trumpet Player, go ahead and order yours today. Just begin with lesson one (I’ve provided 52 lessons) and you’ll start seeing improvement in your playing, and get more enjoyment from it too, just like others do.

Here’s where to get your copy:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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