The Advancing Trumpet Player – Tips #1

The Advancing Trumpet PlayerThe Advancing Trumpet Player – Tips #1

I received this note from one of our customers, and I thought others may benefit from my answers too…

I have been making some progress through the lessons but my practice time has been somewhat restricted lately. I am concerned that I will spend one session warming up and then have little to no time for further lesson progression or just practicing music. Is there an expedited warm up regimen I can use. I have seen 20 minute plans and others.

Second what should I use as a metric or success before I move on through the parts of each lesson? No mistakes/perfect tempo,  1,2,3 mistakes? My concern with some of the Arban’s and even your practice lines is I might never play it perfectly. Or do you just play the lines once through ignoring mistakes and work to correct them the second time around?

Hope these questions make sense.
Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, L.

And my note back to him…

Hi L.,

Try this for the warmup routine.

Do all of 1-5.  This is basically a warmup.  Get the lips vibrating, get the air moving, sound clearing, embouchure responding to tongue and slur, and some flexibility too.

Then for the other exercises (which are a daily routine to cover more areas of playing), do lines 1,3,5,7 one day, then line 1,2,4,6 the next.  This assures you are covering all of each at least a few times during the week, and shortening the time.

As far as progressing through lessons week by week….

It is really at your own pace, and how picky and tough you want to be on yourself.

I’d rather have you play things slower, with a great sound on every note, and not necessarily the whole exercise meaning you can divide it up into doing a line at a time, etc – and piece it all together over time).

For the tonality studies (section 2), this works fine, because after the first 3 months you will be doing one tonality a day as improvement and review … and your sound, playing, and technique will be improving continuously.

For section 3 (Arbans) – same things, slower with great sound and accuracy is better than fast and bad. This approach yields the best results in the shortest period of time.

A lot of what we do when we practice is build the automatic response systems required to play, and we really must slow things down to do it – kind of like a kid learning to ride a bike – lots of wobbling and falling at first, but once the balance and memory response is developed, away they go.

And just as they learn to keep their balance, and pedal and ride faster, so will you in speeding up the exercises that need to be speeded up … but always, even at quicker speeds your sound must clearly resonate the room.  Each and every note.

You can read more about how to use the book at this link:  Advancing Trumpet Player

To get the book and more, see The Advancing Trumpet Player book

Mark Hendricks


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    2 Comments on The Advancing Trumpet Player – Tips #1

    1. Mark Snively on Tue, 12th Jul 2016 3:36 am
    2. Any advice for the comeback player book like the ATP book, with people who have some time issues. Been playing 8 (come back after 25 off ) years and still some of the warm ups I do totally ware me down.
      All of this info on air and buzzing, , I’m not sure even how to set my mpc any more.


    3. Mark Hendricks on Tue, 12th Jul 2016 3:59 am
    4. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your question.

      Here’s where I posted my answers…


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