Tom Hall comments about Skype lessons and ATP

The Advancing Trumpet PlayerTom Hall comments about Skype lessons and ATP

It’s always really nice getting comments from people like Tom Hall, here’s what he wrote…

I am 68 years old.  I have played trumpet since I was 11 years old.  I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, IA, with a Bachelor Of Music Education degree in 1971.  Trumpet was my major instrument.  I taught instrumental music in the public schools for 35 years, mostly at the middle school level.  I have played in pit orchestras for over 30 Broadway musicals, mostly at the high school and college level.  I have played in numerous bands in our immediate area (north central Iowa) as well.

I first saw some things about Mark on Facebook, and started following his MPH Music page.  After reading about some of Mark’s teaching techniques, especially in working with players that want to get back into shape, and seeing something about Skype lessons a couple of months ago, I decided to contact Mark and try a few lessons.

The best part for me has been working one on one with Mark.  He concentrates on the basics, which is what I need to do.  I have always been involved with performance based playing, so I have gotten away from working on the little things – which are not little at all, but very fundamental.

Mark’s book, the Advancing Trumpet Player, is a very simple approach to improving your playing.  I have no doubt that if I follow it I will become a much better player.  I can already see improvement in 2-1/2 weeks!

My last lessons were with my college trumpet instructor over 40 years ago.  Again, most of his instruction was performance based.  Mark encourages playing passages slowly and he’s got me listening much more carefully to what I play, and he really emphasizes that resting is just as important as playing.

I have recommended Mark to a couple of friends already.  I explained how Mark approaches playing, and showed them the ATP book.  Mark is very professional in his teaching, but friendly.  He knows his subject well, and is able to explain how to deal with problem issues.  In the past 2-1/2 weeks since I started lessons, I have been very impressed with Mark and the ATP method book.  The book is laid out in a way that makes it easy to follow, and keeps my interest from day to day.

My goal in taking Skype lessons with Mark was to regain the excitement for playing trumpet.  In recent years, I have been playing in a few groups, but I have not been able to get excited about practicing on my own.  Mark has really helped me get back that enthusiasm for playing.

I think Mark has developed a good, solid system!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is not satisfied with their current level of playing.

Tom Hall
Iowa Falls, IA

It’s Mark here again…

Thanks Tom for your kind words. It really helps and encourages others to get back in the game, or to brush up on their game of playing their trumpet too (and other music making too).

If you’d like more info on my trumpet and trombone books, check them out here:

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As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks



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