Charlie Sweet likes All The Notes and More

ALL THE NOTES AND MORE for TrumpetCharlie Sweet likes All The Notes and More


I have The Advancing Trumpet Player, Give It The 3rd Finger, and All The Notes and More.

I believe the All The Notes and More book is by far the best book for me.

It has all the pertinent, practical scales. and the exercises in all tonalities. I especially like the blues scales as I am playing in two jazz bands. It is also helping me get my range back.  I am a returning trumpet player (five years ago) and trying to get started in the right direction, this book is definitely working for me.

I highly recommend this book.

Charlie Sweet
Grand Junction, CO

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for sharing your comments with everybody, and thanks for purchasing the three books, and I’m delighted you are finding them all valuable to you.

Each book I publish typically targets a specific area of playing, however they are all written to create an efficient and effective way to practice so you get more accomplished in less time.  I think that’s what most people find when they really follow the practice plans in each book, and stick with the systematized approach.

If you’re reading this and haven’t gotten your copies of my study books for trumpet, trombone, or sax – check out these pages…

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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