Michael Brecker plays I’m Sorry

Michael BreckerMichael Brecker plays I’m Sorry

This is one of my favorite recordings of Michael Brecker.

Great tune, great solo, great band!

July 21-22, 1978, live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
Michael Brecker (ts) – Mike Mainieri (vib) – Tony Levin (b) – Steve Jordan (ds) – Steve Khan (g) – Warren Bernhardt (key).

A big tribute to an amazing musician Michael Brecker.

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Improv Speed Builders Volume 5 – Nuts and Bolts – by Rich Willey

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Improv Speed Builders 5Improv Speed Builders Volume 5 – Nuts and Bolts – by Rich Willey

Rich always has interesting and creative ways to tackle learning to improvise.

He’s recently released a new book called “Improv Speed Builders Volume 5 – Nuts and Bolts”, it’s a great addition to other “Improv Speed Builders” volumes and his “Jazz Improv Materials Handbook Complete” book.

It’s written for all players, no matter what the instrument or key… and comes with hours upon hours of play-a-long tracks that help you learn slowly at first, then speed things up as you progress.

He thoroughly covers 12 different types of chord progressions in all 12 keys, and provides five accompaniment tracks at slower to faster tempo.

Get more details on this release plus all the other goodies Rich offers at:


As always, my best to you —


Clifford Brown Practice Session

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Clifford Brown PracticingClifford Brown Practice Session

Have you ever wondered how great jazz improvisers make it sound so easy and effortless?

In this video clip, Clifford Brown reveals all.

(just listen closely as he practices)

And listen to the interview too.

You can get some of his solo transcriptions to study and practice here:




PS – hint… disciplined practice.

Great Jazz Solos and What You Can Learn From Them

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Great Jazz Solos and What You Can Learn From Them

Charlie ParkerHere’s a great article from JazzAdvice.com —

There is a secret that all great musicians have in common…

You won’t hear it on their recordings or even in their live performances. And some may even deny it that it ever happened at all.

But look back even further you’ll find it…

The truth is that every great musician started out as a musical apprentice. And the history of this music is full of countless examples.

Miles Davis moving to New York to seek out the new music of Charlie Parker, a young Frank Sinatra absorbing the performances of Billie Holiday and Ethel Waters, Lee Morgan learning the musical language of Clifford Brown…

In each and every case, imitation was the key that unlocked the door to creativity. And if you want to improve as a musician, the same must be true for you.

As a musician today, this apprenticeship is done by imitating the style and sound of your favorite musicians – transcribing solos.

Continue reading and watching the videos too at:


And check out all of the playalong sets for jazz practice at this link Jazz Practice