Comeback Trumpet Player Dave Dennis says this

The Comeback Trumpet PlayerComeback Trumpet Player Dave Dennis says this

Hi Mark,

I have found The Comeback Trumpet Player  book an effective way to renew my acquaintance with my cornet. I am practicing up on my 1941 Conn 80a after — shall we say– more than 20 years. I had it restored earlier this year.  The old horn is slowly learning to sing again.

Having started from liver lips I have had considerable progress. The warm up section is especially valuable. I found the “rest as you play” instruction to be encouraging, especially when I was inventing notes that do not have  a place on any scale. The reminder to go slow and play well is helpful in coordinating rusty habits as well as replacing some unhelpful ones. Previously I had not given much thought to warm-down. Exercise 16 in the opening section really ends a practice session with a sense of relaxation. Because my cornet is larger bore the number of lower tones and bottom mid-range is helping me to build a tone I like. When I bust a note toward the top of my present range the “three strikes and you’re out” teaches patience and restrains my compulsions to overdo it. I chose to start with the G tonality studies. I appreciate the major and minor scale studies. My fingers are learning to cooperate again!

Your assigned Arban exercises gives me additional challenge as well as something to do during rest stops. My well-traveled book has now begun to molt and keeping the pages in order require attention. Gosh, it’s not even fifty years old yet! It is truly and old friend.

For those thinking about or starting up again, I highly recommend The Comeback Trumpet Player. It is varied enough to keep you interested and rigorous without being discouraging.

Keep on playing,

Dave Dennis
Knoxville, TN

Hi, Mark here…

Thanks Dave for your comments about The Comeback Trumpet Player systematic method book for trumpet players.

If you’re a Comeback Trumpet Player, this will help get you on track and keep you on track for years to come.

Read all about it at

If you’re more advanced already, I suggest you pick up The Advancing Trumpet player (you will see it at that same webpage).

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As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks




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