Peter Flournoy says this about The Comeback Trumpet Player

The Comeback Trumpet PlayerPeter Flournoy says this about The Comeback Trumpet Player


I am a comeback trumpet player and perform about 3-4 times per year at my church (either with piano or organ accompaniment or with the full choir). I began practicing again in late June for a church performance about a week ago and found your book to be valuable as I work to regain my chops.

I also especially like the warm up section, but find that I do not have the time to practice for more than about an hour per day. As such, I am taking your advice to practice parts of each lesson and alternate as I go.

I am finding my flexibility, endurance and range improving as I go.

Looking forward to working with your books and lesson plans throughout the end of this year and into next!!! I am really finding your book to be useful and helpful as I work to rebuild my chops!!

Thanks for providing a valuable and useful resource for those of us trying to get back in the game!!

With great appreciation,

Peter Flournoy
Norwalk, CT

Hi Peter, Mark here.

Thanks for your comments about The Comeback Trumpet trumpet book.

Sounds like you’re putting it to good use, and have customized your practice routine using the guidelines I gave you in the practice tips blogpost of alternating exercises every other day so you do get to all of them instead of just skipping around. Bravo!

By following the disciplined system of lesson plans you get a well-rounded approach to practicing all facets of playing in a balanced way, and you always know where to pick up again if you get side-tracked.

Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Mark Hendricks

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