Skype lessons with Mark – comments from Ralph Marks

The Comeback Trumpet PlayerHere’s some comments I received from Ralph Marks regarding the trumpet lessons we did over Skype… Ralph’s been playing for decades and never stopped along the way, so some may not consider him a “Comeback Trumpet Player” but he did purchase “The Comeback Trumpet Player” book and we used it in our lessons along with some other materials I created for him to practice too.

Here’s Ralph…

Thanks LOADS Mark.

Yes, I thought our time was valuable and helpful in terms of knowing what needs to be done and how it needs to be done to increase one’s skill level.

Like an athlete needs to keep honing his skills and keep them sharp, you’ve been helpful, Mark, in giving me a perspective of where I’d like to get…in terms of sound, consistency, air flow, control, and resonance…and how to fine tune those skills and incorporate them into my playing style.

Oftentimes, we play notes and take the rest of that for granted. Thanks for helping me again to focus on not only playing notes, but playing MUSIC and making MUSIC.

In addition to the book The Comeback Trumpet Player, I also appreciated the added exercises you made available to me right in the middle of the Skype lesson. That was ADDED VALUE to your commentary.

One final thing: the explanation of why we do it this way was helpful, and a reminder to not only play exercises, but play them correctly (and often slowly) to get the desired results.

Thanks for the four weeks of lessons. I’ll be back again after a little break and I work on some of these things.

And oh, thanks for being “picky”.

Ralph Marks
Brass From the Past
West Lawn, PA

Mark here again…

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As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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