Amazing Progress By Young Trumpet Players

John BakerAmazing Progress By Young Trumpet Players


Just wanted to give you some news on the progress of a couple of my students who I have using your books.

My student Travis who has two of your books will be a Senior in high school. He has decided that he wants to study Business Music and trumpet . Looks like he will be going to Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in Virginia with Chuck Seipp as his trumpet professor. He found out the cost is $30,000 per year (whew). He also found out that he is elegible for their President’s scholarship at $20,000 per year. They require a 3.7 un-weighted grade point. He has a 3.9. They also require 1200 SAT, he has a 1350. The music department also has money, so both combined will cover his cost for all 4 years. Travis, with hard work from your books, is playing a consistent high F, and a G 40% of the time. His scales are just stunning. And his all-state material is coming along really well.

Another student Jack, a 9th grader going to be a 10th grader when school begins, is playing  a consistent G and A. He is hitting a Double Bb about 15% of the time. And powerful. With time he will get it and above. Your material has also helped him. He finished the year at Plant Hi being 1st chair in concert band, 1st in trumpet quintet, and lead trumpet in Jazz Band. He got a Superior rating performing a grade 6 solo at district and state solo and ensemble. His most current success was to get the lead trumpet spot in USF’s summer Jazz band camp.  Your scale book (All The Notes and More) and 3rd finger book (Give It The 3rd Finger) has him playing miles above other students his age, and thus his reading, jazz and concert is superior. He decided last week that he wants to give auditioning for the All-Star Grammy Band a try.

With the aid of your books I have 2 very motivated young men on my hands. Thanks for what you have done.

And another update, the Trumpet Festival we do in Tampa is set for for October 10th. Our featured guest artists are Chuck Seipp and the sensational young player Geoff Gallente. I know both Chuck and Geoff use your books too. Chuck and Geoff are booked to do the workshops and perform on the concert that night.

John Baker
Tampa, Florida

Hi John,

Thanks for the update.

It’s great to hear the progress your students are making using the books I’ve written.

If people will actually have the discipline, by themselves as self-study or with a good teacher like yourself, they will get results.

For those who have the books, just follow those lesson plans and follow the instructions closely in the written materials in the books and the guides I’ve posted on the blog for each book.

To see all the trumpet books, see

To see all the trombone books, see

To see all the sax books, see

And check the Categories column on this page to see more info on each book.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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