David Cooper on the Full Range Studies for Trumpet book

Full Range Studies for TrumpetDavid Cooper on the Full Range Studies for Trumpet book

I have never met Mark Hendricks but when I saw his Full Range Studies for trumpet book, I had to give it a try.

Like most trumpet players, I have quite a collection of trumpet books, methods, sheet music etc. – I look forward to the every other day of doing the routines and it is quick and precise to the development of better trumpet playing!!!

I have been through the book on schedule and my wife even made a comment the other day that I was sounding really good!!

(I’ll take it!!)

I would recommend this book to all brass players!!

Thanks Mark!!!!

David Cooper
Cataula, GA

P.S. – When Momma’s happy, then you know it’s good…(Awesome)!!!!

Hi David,

So glad to hear your wife is noticing, that’s great… 🙂

One of the nice things about the book is you’re not playing the same thing every day, it makes it more fun to sit down and practice this stuff every other day, and it doesn’t drive your family nuts having to listen to you LOL.

Get your own copy today and get going…



Mark Hendricks




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