Jeff Thomas talks about Mark’s trombone books

Jeff Thomas talks about Mark’s trombone books

Jeff Thomas

I make my living playing my horns in various setting and in multiple genres including orchestra, operatic, ballet, Broadway shows, commercial, jazz, recording studio and chamber music. The type of playing I do requires me to be in the best, most flexible and adaptive condition possible at all times.

I have known Mark Hendricks for almost 30 years, first as a player and also as a recording engineer/producer and now as an author. He has always had a meticulous approach to his playing and musicianship and this is well reflected in his writing in these books.

All The Notes and More for Trombone
Full Range Studies for Trombone
Slide Master for Trombone
Forty-Nine Arbban Duets For Trombone

My other use for these books is with a student who is really trying to get their chops up to a professional level. I use them with students who are really trying to make it to a good school

and take it to the next level. I find the book of duets so useful for exposing them to the techniques and facility needed to play in a pro context. These serve very me well in that and they are also fun for me at the same time.

These are must have books for anybody looking to keep their chops up and to share with students with the same goals.

Jeff Thomas
– professional trombonist
Orlando Philharmonic
– principle trombone
Sarasota Orchestra
– former principle trombone

Thanks Jeff for sharing your thoughts with others, it really does help to hear from a professional like you with your years of experience playing in so many different styles, and your teaching experience with students too.

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As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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