Merrill Perret talks about the 49 Arban Duets book

Merrill Perret talks about the 49 Arban Duets FORTY-NINE LONG LOST ARBAN DUETS FOR TRUMPET (...that Arban never wrote!)book

I’m an amateur musician. I retired five years ago, after 35 years in aviation, and finally have control over my own schedule again.  I’m primarily a trumpet player, but decided to take up the trombone a year and a half ago, both as a mental challenge and to fill in a hole in our local concert band.

I don’t know Mark personally, but became aware of him through Facebook and the internet. As a newcomer to the bass clef, I was pleased to find a book of duets that caters to a wide range of abilities while providing the technical basics we all know from Arbans.

Forty-Nine Arbban Duets For TromboneWhat appealed to me the most, though, was the ability to play these duets with any combination of two bass clef or treble Bb instruments. This versatility and convenience is a great feature.

Thanks, Mark.

Merrill Perret
Huntsville, Ontario

Thanks Merrill for your comments and insights to using the 49 Arban Duets for Trumpet or Trombone (…that Arban Never Wrote!). See the links below on why and how these duets came about!

Here’s a link to get full details (and samples) on both versions of the book, trumpet players can play them as duets, trombone players can play them as duets, and they can be played as trumpet and trombone duets too, like Merrill does with his students.

Trumpet version (Bb treble clef) –

Trombone version (concert pitch bass clef) –

See more comments from others at –

Mark Hendricks

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