Peter Krom talks about Mark’s books

Hi Mark,

I have been playing the horn for a very long time.

I like your book ” The Comeback Trumpet Player” a lot.


Because this is a book that enables you to practice in a very structured manner. It is a sort of “bible” or manual which leads you through the challenging task of getting your chops better and better (technique) as well as broadening one’s musical skills.

In summary, I love the book and I use it everyday. So it is certainly not only useful for a “comeback player”.

One tip. It would be an extra when you also could incorporate a number of exercises specifically aimed at a jazz musician (going through the scales based on a number of scores of selected songs).


Peter Krom
The Netherlands

– – – –

Thanks Peter, and thanks for that last little tip. I will work up a blog post on how players can apply the studies in the Comeback Trumpet Player book, the Advancing Trumpet Player book, and the All The Notes and More book toward their jazz playing, great idea!

Thanks again,

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