Pete Andrick talks about Full Range Studies for Trumpet

Full Range Studies for TrumpetPete Andrick talks about Full Range Studies for Trumpet

Hi Mark,

I’m a freelance trumpeter, in the metropolitan Detroit (MI) area. Most of what I do is in music theater, with some big band, and brass ensemble stuff worked in. I’m a former USAF bandsman, with collegiate study at the bachelor and master’s level, in music performance.

I found the MPHmusic site and an ad on the site pointed to the Full Range Studies book. The price of the book was rather reasonable. I decided on buying it after reading the commentary about the book.

An important aspect of the exercises presented in this book is that the progressions are logically laid out. I found that the progressions became easier to do while going through the exercises.

This book gave me a new way of enhancing what I have, regarding the upper register, and I think there’s a little more ‘pop’ or ‘sparkle’ to the sound. I would recommend this book based on that, alone. Follow the instructions included and you will not burn yourself out. Don’t force anything – keep the ‘natural’ aspect of playing intact.

Definitely a book worth checking. Best wishes!

Pete Andrick
Westland, MI, USA

Hey Pete – Mark here,

Thanks for sending in your comments about the Full Range Studies book for Trumpet.

And you are so right, players just need to read and follow the instructions and do the book and they will see progress.

Congratulations on that extra ‘pop and sparkle’ to your sound, that’s what people hear and know you by – it makes sense to really listen closely as we practice to always be making the best sound possible, no matter how long or short, low or high, loud or soft. Always be making music!

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Full Range Studies for Trumpet, hop on over to this page:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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