Give It The 3rd Finger – here’s what Fred Irby III has to say

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fred-irby-iiiGive It The 3rd Finger – here’s what Fred Irby III has to say

You probably know of Fred Irby, III. He is Professor of Music, Howard University, Washington, DC.

Principal Trumpet – Kennedy Center Musical Theater Orchestra

2009 Lowell Mason Fellow

NAfME: National Association for Music Education

The Oscars with section mates Wayne Bergeron and Chris Grey.

And all the things you will see at this page (click and new page opens).

Here’s what Fred had to say about Give It The 3rd Finger,,,

Give It The 3rd Finger for Trumpet - 101 Studies, plus Etudes and DuetsMark’s “Give It The 3rd Finger” is an excellent addition to the trumpet repertoire. It is a required text for students in my studio. I highly recommend it for beginning students and the seasoned professional.

Fred Irby, III
Professor of Music
Howard University
Washington, DC

Hi Fred, thanks so much for your comments about the trumpet study book, Give It The 3rd Finger.

Given that the 3rd finger is the one that really hangs us up, if we can smooth it out, it has a very positive affect on the rest of our technique.

If you want to develop your technique, get a copy of this book and just do one page a day and you will soon experience a terrific improvement like others have.

Here’s where to get you copy now…. Give It The 3rd Finger.




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Here’s what Jeff Brandt had to say

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The books you have recently written, are ALL just fantastic! ”

“Give It The 3rd Finger” has certainly turned out to be a hit with people as I watch posts about it.

But, I have to tell you, “The Advancing Trumpet Player” book, has been extremely helpful to me!

The combination of all the things you put in there, from all the years from many different teachers, brought back to memory all those things, and IF, IF I would just do them daily as you state, I really begin to improve quickly, and gain back many of the strengths I once had, and I improve with much less stress. Your book WORKS wonders! It is a true must for trumpet players who want to improve or maintain. It’s great Mark.

Thanks for putting so much time, thought and effort into such a excellent resource for all of us ! You are a blessing, in many, many ways!


Jeff Brandt
Director of Music Ministries and Solo Trumpeter
New Hope United Methodist Church
Valrico, Florida

Jeff, thanks so much for your kind words, and it makes me feel great that “The Advancing Trumpet Player” book has helped you so much.

For those trumpeters who want to chack out why Jeff was so excited to write, here’s a link to all the trumpet books….

And if you play trombone or sax, here’s a link for you too…

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks