Rich Willey “Gives It The 3rd Finger” Treatment

Rich Willey “Gives It The 3rd Finger” Treatment

Give It The 3rd Finger for Trumpet - 101 Studies, plus Etudes and DuetsYou’ve probably heard of Rich Willey, recently he purchased my “Give It The 3rd Finger” book for trumpet with all of the 3rd finger studies, etudes, and duets.

The day after he received it via UPS, he wrote these comments to me…

Mark! I did the first 14 drills tonight at eighth note = 72, and then I practiced the changes from “Have You Met Miss Jones” (that’s the recording I’m sharing with you) and I was amazed at the amount of progress I made just in that one practice session. Usually I miss all the G#s (Abs) and low Ds and low Ebs, and in fact, if you listen to this (I played a chorus/rested a chorus), I even went into my dreaded lower register to see if my fingers would work on those low notes, and very many of them came popping right out! You’re a genius!!! Thanks, man. I could’ve used better 3rd valve technique this past weekend on gigs, but I’ll forgive you just this once. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for turning out such an incredible regimen designed for people like me with nearly useless third fingers on trumpet! Seriously, man, thank you!!!

— Rich Willey

And a day later, he wrote again…

Please bear in mind that this is how I *practice* … I play a chorus and rest a chorus, and try to do that (and record the whole thing in ProTools) on a couple of tunes daily. I almost always go back and play the other horn in the “holes” left skipping choruses on the first take. These are by no means intended to be released to the public, but I guess just this once I’ll make an exception πŸ™‚

I really want to coerce my fingers into cooperating with me, so I figured I would start very slowly and hopefully (per your instructions) get them clean and eventually speed up the process. This is the first regimen designed for whipping the 3rd finger into shape that I’ve seen that doesn’t bore the crap out of me. Also, turns out I did the first 15 last night, and then did 16-30 tonight before going on to 44 after that, just to get an overdose of this new treatment. I can see that it will take a lot of hard work on my part, but having a plan laid out is the best thing that has ever come along for my stubborn third finger.

So, thank you, Mark! I now have hope of being able to not scuffle as much in “those keys” that have those fingerings that I have been afraid of for years!

You da man!

Rich Willey

Mark here again… (thanks Rich)…

Down a couple of paragraphs is a link to a few choruses of “Have You Met Miss Jones” that Rich sent to me. Like he said, he recorded the trumpet choruses in one practice session, then the bass trumpet choruses the next day (by the way, a great way to practice, play a chorus, rest a chorus… “rest as much as you play”). His recording was about 23 minutes long, so I’ve just copied a few of the choruses to give you an example of how he practices jazz improvisation. By the way, Rich writes some great books for trumpet and other instruments, and also writes great arrangements too… check out his website at

Click this next link below and then go down the page to the “Give It The 3rd Finger” section and you will see the audio play button, click it and listen in on Rich’s practice session…

Go to the audio here…

While you’re there, pick up a copy for yourself, or a friend, or all of your students.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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