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DAILY STUFF for Trumpet by Don Owen

The Special 50th Anniversary Edition

Plus this printed book includes a very special FREE bonus - two MP3 audio recordings featuring a Q and A interview with Don Owen


DAILY STUFF for Trumpet by Don Owen
(The 50th Anniversary Edition) contains everything you need in one book to develop and maintain all aspects of trumpet playing at the highest levels, no matter what styles you play.

PLUS you get this very this special FREE bonus valued at $49!... it's like having two hours of private trumpet instruction with the master teacher Don Owen himself. This valuable free bonus includes two MP3 audio recordings of Trumpet Talk with Don Owen interviewed by Mark Hendricks.

Mark collected questions from lots of Don's past students and colleagues, complied them into three main topics of trumpet and brass playing, musicianship, and life... then sat down with Don for a few hours and recorded his full and complete answers to those very interesting questions and topics.

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All about DAILY STUFF and Don Owen, plus comments from students and colleagues who have known him over the years...

DAILY STUFF for Trumpet by Don Owen

The Special 50th Anniversary Edition

Everything you need in one book to develop and maintain all aspects of trumpet playing at the highest levels, no matter what styles you play.

Plus when you purchase the "DAILY STUFF" printed book, you get the FREE Bonus MP3 Audios of "Trumpet Talk with Don Owen". It's like having a two-hour personal master class with Don, you will gain insights to all aspects of trumpet playing, musicianship and life.

Rated FIVE Stars! ... "DAILY STUFF" by Don Owen is a must-have book for all trumpet players. In this Special 50th Anniversary Edition, it covers everything you need in one book to develop and maintain all aspects of trumpet playing at the highest levels, no matter what styles you play.

Here's just a short bio of Don Owen:

The Florida Orchestra - 1964-2008 (Principal Trumpet, 1964-1987)
Arkansas State Symphony - 1960-1964 (Principal Trumpet)
Freelance: Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas - 1959-1963

Teaching experience:
University of South Florida - 1964-2002 (Trumpet, Professor Emeritus)
Arkansas Tech University - 1960-1963 (Professor of Trumpet and Brass)
Killeen, Texas High School - 1963-1964 (Brass Teacher)

Studied trumpet with:
John Haynie, University of North Texas
Don Yaxley, Stetson University
Fred Mende, Charlotte Symphony/Grant Park Symphony (Chicago)
Charles Gallagher, National Symphony Orchestra (Washington, D.C.)

Studied composition with:
Samuel Adler, University of North Texas

Gastonia High School - Graduate 1955
Stetson University - B.M. 1959
University of North Texas - M.M. Trumpet Performance 1960
Additional study: University of North Texas - Theory/Composition 1960-1963

Comments from people who've studied and played with Don Owen over his 50 year career of playing professionally and teaching many of today's finest trumpet players and mentoring many others through his life example...

Knowing Don Owen was a life-changing experience for me. He was and still is an inspiration. And Don was also a wonderful mentor. He pushed me and other students into the real world by booking us on gigs with name entertainers--John Davidson, Ed McMahon and others. What an opportunity that was for a college student! It has been so great to hook up again with Don on social media. He looks younger than I do. ... Not fair.

Sonny Burnette
Professor of Music
Georgetown College
Georgetown, Kentucky

Don and I talked in our lessons about more than just trumpet playing, and I apply his "sayings" all the time. For example, Don used to say things like "The Chinese have been right for centuries...it all comes down to balance." I see that all around in life and think of Don.

But he also knew when to laugh. I remember asking him in my freshman year, "I have a high passage in this piece and I need help on playing it without cracking." I was a naive freshman and was hoping to get some magic answer or trick from the master.

He replied, "Are you religious at all? Pray!"

I loved that about Don. He had a sense of humor and he was intellectual, which I always appreciated. We would talk about everything from Science to Philosophy. During one of these chats Don once said, "This isn't doing a whole hell of a lot for your trumpet playing but is important."

I wrote a trumpet method as a complete joke called "The All-Pressure System" and he embraced it, because he got the joke. And he would just shake his head when I would admit I listened to Al Hirt more than Bud Herseth. But the reason I know that a Lombardic Rhythm is a Scotch Snap is from one of our lessons... and when Don hears that, he will probably say another one of his favorite quotes... "See, I am a celebrated teacher!"

I think VERY fondly of those times in our trumpet lessons and think of Don often.

Greg Cannella
Hillsborough County Public Schools

I was a student of Don Owen at Arkansas Tech, before he came to Florida. We have been in communication in recent years, and he attended festivities associated with my retirement from Arkansas Tech University in 2008. His influence established my going through fundamentals EVERY day. That makes sense to the developing player, but this proved invaluable as I aged and developed neurological problems.

Andy Anders
Low Brass/ Department Head
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR

I LOVE Don!!! He is one of the people that impacted me most as a musician and person. One of the great things I learned from Don is to "deal with it!!!" It doesn't matter what the musical situation is or what the environment is like...you go out and you do your thing. Also, his love of life and the joy with which he approached his playing and teaching was hugely influential on me. These are just two of the things that have impacted me both personally and professionally.

I am so proud to have been one of Don's students and I'm even more proud to call him my friend....even if he did refer to me as Opie for the majority of my adult life:-)

Love ya Don,

Brian Coyle
Professor, Director of Jazz Studies, Jazz Trumpet
Hope College
Holland, MI

I was a student at USF during Don Owen's time at USF. I looked up to him because of his strong personality combined with his humor and musicianship. He seemed liked the epitome of professionalism and even though we didn't have a lot of direct contact with classes, etc., his presence couldn't help but be felt. I attended a lot of his Florida Orchestra concerts hearing a lot of music for the first time. He was a special player.

After being away from Florida for graduate school, then husband John's 1st playing job, we returned and I began to play more professionally myself with the Florida Orchestra. Don made me feel part of their orchestra family and never made me feel like a student, even though I was a newbie there. I always enjoyed his comments during the rehearsal. His strong personality always came through.

Probably the story I most remember is not at the orchestra, but when he called our house looking for John. My mom answered the phone. He asked John to call and that he was Don Owen (her son, my brother's name is Jon Owen.....she thought it was him). She said something like "Okay, well, don't you want to talk to me?" and that she didn't understand it. He paused and didn't exactly know what to say...something very unusual for Don Owen. It was uncomfortable for a little bit until they figured out the misunderstanding. From then on, I called him Jon Owen and we got a lot of laughs about it.

Carmen Newell Bannon
Flutist- Sarasota Orchestra
Sarasota, Fl

Stories about Don Owen? You've got to be kidding me.

There are too many to tell and I won't!!!

I will say: "When I look back at all the outstanding trumpet students that came out of USF during his tenure, he had to have been a very outstanding teacher." For that alone, I will always say "Thank you".

Robert McCormick
Professor of Music (Percussion)
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

I was always impressed by Don's sound.

I would walk into his studio every week, play my lesson materials for him and then he would grab his trumpet from its stand on his desk and put his lips up to the mouthpiece and let loose with the most amazingly pure and energy-filled sound I had ever heard while demonstrating what the etude should SOUND like.

His sound wasn't harsh, it wasn't brassy or raspy... it was just BIG and round...and had that WOW factor to it!

But what really got me was that the bones in my ears would rattle from the raw energy of his sound. I didn't hear this in his tone, but the actually rattle was in my ear bones!

It was a very intense sound to say the least and a model, that to this day, I try to achieve.

When my dogs begin to howl when I practice, I know I'm getting close :-)

Mark Hendricks
Trilby, FL

I have kept up with Don throughout the years mostly at All-State FMEA Convention in Tampa every January. We would always run into each other at the Exhibition Hall up stairs at the conference.

Don has always been a major mentor for me as a person and as a professional musician throughout all my life since I first met him when he came to play a solo with the Manatee Jr. College band. Our band director Dick Quarmby, asked Don to play a solo with us to make us aware of the fine music program at the University of South Florida. He sure made an impression on me with his beautiful tone and precise technique. I knew immediately that I would study with him and it would be the basis for my musical career.

In music, I knew I would be a player and go on the road after college. I got my band director degree but I knew I wasn’t destined to be a high school band director. I was unlike all of his other trumpet students because I was also a full time professional drummer with a top forty band in Sarasota that played 6 nights a week in a bar. That is how I paid my tuition to USF. So I played trumpet all day in Tampa at school and then played drums all night in a bar band.

What a life!

Don was the man who showed me how to be a pro musician as well as a college student. He knew I was devoted to both instruments and I was the only person at school that was asked to play drums in the jazz band that wasn’t a percussion major and who was 1st trumpet in the concert band at the same time.

Don believed in me and helped me to further my career on both instruments. He helped me get a grip on the legit side of trumpet playing and music in general. He even got me hired to 3rd chair trumpet in the Florida Orchestra for two seasons so I could know what it was like to play in a real orchestra.

Sometimes I think If I had never studied with Don Owen and had the relationship I did with him, I would have never got to be the player I am today and person I am today!! Thank you
so much Don, you saved my life personally and professionally more than a few times in the last 40 years or so. I would have never had the first touring gig I did with Mac Frampton if it wasn’t for him.

A year ago on January 15th my daughter lost her life in a car accident and as you can imagine I was at the lowest I have ever been in my life Don came to the viewing and had known my daughter Gina and her mother. He told me not to worry Lenny, I got your back! Well Don, I can’t tell you how much you have meant to me that night and really all my adult life.

You have always had my back... God Bless You Don!

Leonard Balistreri
Professional Musician and Teacher
Sarasota, FL

Don recruiting me to USF was a defining moment in my life that subsequently lead to many adventures in music and in life. And I have 45 plus years of stories that would require a separate publication. Let's just say that I am forever grateful to Don for having faith in me.

A story... after a tough wind ensemble rehearsal I went to Don's studio and said I have this very difficult piece that we are working on with high Ds all over the place. Do you have any advice that will help me?

And in a typical and matter of fact way he responded, "Get used to it!"

Don always had a practical approach to solving any challenge... :-)

I have been using Don's "Daily Routine" in his original manuscript since 1967 which has evolved over the years into his "Daily Stuff" ... so I'm very happy that it will be published again. I need a new copy (smile).

Lyman A. Brodie
Oviedo, Florida

Don Owen was a great teacher for me. He taught me many things about the trumpet, and life in general really, as I watched and listened to him thru-out my college days.

One thing I really appreciated, and always remembered, was that one night, right after I had graduated, I had formed a working night club band that played nightly right down the street from the college. One night, Don and a few other members of the faculty, surprised me, and stopped in to hear a few sets! I was really honored that they even remembered, or cared enough, to bother coming to hear the group. It really wasn’t their preference of music, pop, rock and top 40, but they came anyway, and really showed a side of themselves to me that I never knew was there.

I thought most of us were just one of too many to count and support really, but Don did for me, especially that night. He seemed to be rough on most of my fellow trumpet guys, but I always tried to please him, and come back to my lesson time having done everything he asked me to do. It wasn’t easy or perfect, but I did try hard.

Don was good to me and supported me, and I have always remembered that and tried to pass it on to others whenever I could.

Thanks Don, for being a great mentor for me and helping me continue to persevere through the struggles of playing a trumpet! You can’t be a quitter because playing the trumpet is a life-long endeavor, that’s for sure.

I believe I heard Don say that... more than once!

Jeff Brant
Director Of Music Ministries
First United Methodist Church Brandon
Brandon, FL

Don Owen was always at the music department and helped me personally through sticking out my undergraduate studies all while the oboe studio professor was a revolving door. I owe my Bachelors degree to Don Owen and Ralph Froelich. Without them I would have gone and finished up somewhere else. They were my counselors and idols throughout that entire process of getting a new professor and then another and another. With each seemed to come a more interesting assortment of oboe-istic personalities. :-)

Amy Collins
Oboe Professor
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

I remember when I was a student at USF and Don and I had a disagreement. He became angry and chewed me out pretty good, but later that day he called me and apologized. It meant a lot to me and we were able to iron out our differences. I remembered that day throughout my teaching career. There were times I would have a disagreement with a student and lose my temper, but I would apologize and then we were able to work it out.

Thanks Don for teaching me a valuable lesson in dealing with others!

Bruce A. Brazinski
Retired Music Educator
Brooksville, FL

One week while studying trumpet with Don, I just plain ol' didn't practice or prepare for it at all. But I went into my lesson, played a few notes to get things moving, and Don then opened the door and walked in and said, "Okay, let's hear what you got for me this week Hendricks!"

Well, I began playing one of the assigned etudes that I hadn't practiced at all the past week. I got about half way through it and Don leans forward from his chair while I'm playing and closes the book.

The next thing I hear is him saying as he stands up, "Mark, I'm going to go to the break room and have a cup of coffee for the next 50 minutes, see ya next week" ... then he walks out of his studio and shuts the door behind him leaving me there to let what happened in those few minutes sink in deep.

That was one of the best trumpet and LIFE lessons I ever got.

(I tend to remember those kind of kicks in the backside for a long time)

Thanks Don, you've been a mentor to me in more ways than you'll ever know.

Mark Hendricks
Trilby, FL

My favorite story is his response to Irwin Hoffman (retired Florida Orchestra conductor) when asked whether he was playing a D or Eb trumpet.

Don shoved the trumpet behind the lapel of his sport coat and said, "You tell ME!"

Don Zegel
Florida Orchestra
Tampa, Florida

Don seemed to delight in goading conductors, particularly those who were susceptible to the temptation. He helped me personally by being a simple professional example. I was only his formal student in a very minor way, one quarter of secondary trumpet lessons. At which I existentially, if not literally...failed.

John Bannon
Principal Timpanist
The Florida Orchestra
St. Petersburg, FL

Two stories from my experience with Don (there are MANY more, LOL)...

My first lesson of my freshman year. I could play decently but for some reason never learned how to pivot my embouchure properly when navigating intervals. I would rock my head north and south to do so. Don puts some etude or something up on the stand and says "play." So I do.

Naturally there were some intervals involved along the way and I used my usual method (of which I did not even know I was doing) to play.

He says "Stop!.........stand!"

I stand and he moves my chair up against the wall. I'm sure everyone recalls those walls were solid block.

Don says "Sit.........play!"

So I play and eventually cracked my head on the wall at the point where the intervals took over.

Don says, "HA....you won't do that anymore, will ya?!"

As I'm rubbing my head, I respond "No, but can you show me how to avoid it?"

I will never forget that first lesson for as long as I live.

The second story occurred my sophomore year. I was in a bad car accident during the summer and spent three weeks in traction. Naturally I lost my embouchure during that time. It was so difficult to learn how to play again. Very depressing as I could do very little and didn't have any endurance either.

I must admit, my lack of perseverance was deterred from the frustration, therefore it took me until somewhere in mid-October to get back in shape.

Don was very understanding, to the point of it being a fault. He would say "Ball, come in here with SOMETHING to play next week." The next week I would try my best only for both of us giving up within 15 minutes.

Finally one week Don says "Ball, this has to be the last week of this type of lesson. We have to move on and you need to get in the practice room and get back in shape."

Same thing occurred.

I thought... I must do something different since the lesson won't be any better.

That week I had purchased the latest Richard Pryor record and my friends and I laughed ourselves silly over it. I took it with me to the next lesson - with no trumpet case in hand.

Don sees me sans trumpet and says "Ball, I told you last week"...

I interrupt and said, "I have something for you" and proceed to pull out the Richard Pryor record. He puts it on his turntable and proceeds over the next 30 minutes to cry himself to death laughing so hard.

Finally he says "Ball, that's the best damn lesson you've ever had. Can I keep this album for a couple of days?"

Naturally I said yes.

As I leave his office, I hear Don leave also, proceed down the hall and yells "Noel (Stevens, the clarinet professor at that time) - you've got to hear this!"

Needless to say, another story I'll never forget.

Chris Ball
DeMoulin Bros. & Co.
Gainesville, FL

Don has given me so many opportunities and had such a profound impact on my life it is difficult to choose just one story but I think this may serve to illustrate his humility and professionalism.

The faculty chamber players were going to perform Brandenberg #2. Don was actually quite ill and was loaded up with antihistamines and antibiotics. I had a lesson a couple of days before the performance. On my way out Don said, "If I blow it don't tell me you were there."

Of course Don played the performance that many others would have declined due to illness. It went beautifully and Don had demonstrated a lot about professionalism and overcoming adversity.

These are lessons I will not forget. Thank you Don for everything.

Bill Altz
Band Director
Paradise High School
Paradise, TX

I proclaim Don Owen an "extraordinary career enhancer" for the part he played in my life.

In the summer of 1971, Don Owen traced me down by calling every hotel in Aspen, Colorado asking if there was a John Smith registered, and talking to a number of Johns whose real names were not John Smith. His question was "are you John Smith the tuba player who studied at Indiana University (IU)?" This was after calling IU twice, talking with the Oklahoma City Symphony management and with my mother in Bastrop, Louisiana. He finally reached me and the rest is fantastic history.

Having never met Don in person, I was nevertheless appointed to the USF music department in 1972 and for years enjoyed playing with Don in the faculty brass quintet, teaching tuba, music theory, and advising half the music majors. But my ancillary skills caused me later to be drafted into administrative positions culminating as Dean of the College of Fine Arts; and after retirement as a university president.

Without Don's perseverance in hunting me down in an Aspen hotel, assist and mentor me through my early USF years, encouragement through my deaning years, my personal history would be quite different.

Thanks D.O.

John L. Smith, Jr.

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