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Producer - Conductor - Composer - Arranger

If you would like to have me work with you or your group as a producer, conductor, composer, or arranger - please feel comfortable in contacting me.

I have experience with a wide variety of music and instrumentation, as well as lots of experience getting the best performance from vocalists and players alike in the recording studio. I've got really "big ears" when it comes to hearing things that could be done better at every stage of the production. Whether be in pre-production preparation, the laying down of the tracks, in mixing, and also mastering.

(Listen to some samples of past projects below)

I am an excellent "pinch hitter" conductor who can step up to the plate (podium) to work with your group in rehearsals and performances.

Want to commission a music composition for yourself or your ensemble?  Contact me to discuss what you have in mind.

Need some arrangements done for your ensemble? Yes, I can do that too :-)

Here's a free one for you, the Star-Spangled Banner for orchestra or concert band (with optional solo vocalist and/or chorus) - it's the best red, white, and blue-blooded, flag-wavin', fire-crackin' Star-Spangled Banner you've ever heard in your life! ... complete with a big seven cannon salute with chimes ringing out freedom at the end!  And I'm making it available for FREE for a limited time because I love America so much. CLICK HERE to get your copy now!

Florida Brass Quintet
Jatek (Play)
Florida Brass Quintet
That's A Plenty
Florida Brass Quintet
Three Maurer Pieces
Dolly Roberts - solo harp
Clair De Lune
Dolly Roberts - solo harp
Ice Castles
Dolly Roberts - solo harp
The Homecoming
More coming soon...  

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